person on dollar signWelcome!

"At D. Scott Neal, Inc., we strive to change lives for the better.

Remember when you were a kid? Life was good. Everything you owned could fit in a box. All your worldly possessions could be put in one safe place. You felt secure. Time
passed . . . you collected more things . . . more boxes . . . life became less simple. Even in today’s uncertain and complex financial world, a sense of security can be yours when you know where you stand and where you are headed.

Helping you make better decisions is our passion. We can serve clients throughout the United States, simplifying your life with leading technology backed by compassion. Our passion is backed by the belief that everyone is unique, that good choices lead to better outcomes, that every problem has a solution, and that every situation can be improved.

Our team is focused on your road ahead – not what’s going on in the rear view mirror."

~ D. Scott Neal, Inc.