About D. Scott Neal, Inc.

Created by Scott Neal in 1995, D. Scott Neal, Inc. is a respected, long-standing financial planning firm with offices in Lexington and Louisville, Ky. Scott and Vice-President Jerry Zimmerer lead this experienced team to focus on putting the clients’ best interests first.

More than three decades of financial expertise are shared by D. Scott Neal’s partners. This team has been through the good times, up-and-down times and the challenging times of the financial roller coaster. The team’s passion is enhanced by sensitivity to the unique needs of each person.

Our Mission

In summing up the firm’s mission, Scott cited a recent article from Gallup: “Money may not buy happiness, but it is hard to be happy if you cannot meet your basic needs. Beyond that, the actual amount of money you have has less of an impact on your overall wellbeing than financial security and how you manage and spend your money. Financial wellbeing is about effectively managing your economic life.”

Added Scott, “The D. Scott Neal team is a strong proponent of wellbeing. It’s what we are all about. We craft strategies for security which are intended to lead to greater wellbeing for our clients. Jerry and I have surrounded ourselves with a group of professionals who are singularly dedicated to client service.”

This dedication to service crafted the firm’s unique way of working with clients. Jerry explained,“We help you first calculate the amount of resources that you have today and then partner with you to determine the realistic amount of the resources that you’ll likely have throughout your lifetime. Improving your standard of living now and throughout the remainder of your life is our focus and passion.”

Our Services

The firm’s offerings fit into two broad categories: broad-based financial planning and investment management services.

Financial Planning

In developing a financial plan, the firm works with families at each stage of life, paying particular attention to the key transition periods, such as:

  • Planning and paying for education
  • Launching into a career
  • Making a job change
  • Planning for retirement
  • Paying for retirement
  • Leaving a legacy

Investment Management

A key differentiator with D. Scott Neal is the firm’s fee structure. “When I started our firm it was a conscious decision to be an independent, fee-only registered investment advisor rather than a representative of a broker dealer,” added Scott. This distinction delivers several benefits to clients:

  • Money is managed on a continuous basis rather than as a one-time sale.
  • As an independent firm, D. Scott Neal can select investments from the entire universe of products with only the client’s best interests in mind.
  • As a fee-only advisor, team members do not collect commissions or work with hidden fees of any kind. They only work for the client. Jerry sums things up, “We strive to help our clients simplify their lives and are passionate about helping individuals and families reach their goals. We do it with sensitivity to the uniqueness of each person.”